Harvest Time Week Eleven – Thanksgiving

Harvest Time Week Eleven – Thanksgiving

So, here we are at the end of our Harvest Time Curriculum. We’ve enjoyed our Thanksgiving focus this week and have spent a lot of time talking about everything for which we are thankful. My children love the Pilgrim Children Books (Samuel Eaton and Sarah Morton). They are fascinated with the chores children their age were expected to complete. And of course my girls want to make the doll Sarah has on the last page. I am so thankful that I get to share the journey of learning together with my children.

I hope those of you who joined us have had a wonderful time reading the stories and completing some of the activities. As we prepare for the holidays around here, we will be taking a break from our more organized curriculum and focusing on Advent. Join us again January when we start up Winter Wonderland. For those of you who are planning ahead, I will have the Spring Bs (Birds, Buds, Butterflies and Bees) book list up this weekend (a preview of the book list is now available) and the full curriculum posted before we start the Winter Wonderland unit.



This week we are working on Week Eleven of our Harvest Time unit. I will be posting a weekly update to give everyone a space to chat about the program. If you would like more information about the program you can learn more and download the free homeschooling curriculum on our Harvest Time page. All of the directions for the art projects, recipes and activities are included in the curriculum guide. If your family is participating in the Harvest Time curriculum either for homeschooling or after school enrichment we would love to hear about it! Please leave a comment in this post in regards to your experiences with Harvest Time’s Week Eleven activities. You are welcome, and highly encouraged to leave links to your Harvest Time’s Week Eleven blog posts or pictures in the comment section of this post.




Harvest Time Week Eleven
Primary Book: The Very First Thanksgiving Day,
Enrichment Book: Sarah Morton’s Day, Samuel Eaton’s Day or Tapenum’s Day,
Activities: Handprint Turkey Placemat,
Field Trip Idea: Make a Food Donation,
Art: Baseball Players,
Poem: Thanksgiving,
Flower Fairies: Review & Coloring Page


Links from Our first time completing the Unit…



  1. Dear Michelle,

    Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing this unit. We have used it in our playgroup, with all of us taking turns “hosting” the activities. It’s been wonderful. My son is the oldest in the group, he’ll be 5 in January. I’ve been toying with the idea of homeschooling and this unit has gotten me so excited, my husband and I have decided to give it a try next year instead of sending him the kindergarten. I know I have a ton to learn, but I have between now and next fall to educate myself.

    Thanks again for everything you and your mom do. I’m not sure how you guys can continuously be so creative, but there are lots of appreciative recipients out there! We are looking forward to the winter unit.

    God’s Peace,


    1. I’m so glad you have enjoyed the Harvest Time activities. Completing them with your playgroup sounds wonderful. Good luck with your homeschooling research. Try not to get overwhelmed. 🙂

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